Soirée Débat

Making a Deal Real Mergers and Acquisitions - steps to success

Why do firms carry out mergers and acquisitions, and how to beat the odds of M&A failure? Corporations may pursue mergers and acquisitions as part of a deliberate strategy of diversification, allowing the
company to exploit new markets. A merger or acquisition is an extremely stressful process starting from recognition of an opportunity, decision to engage in a due diligence process, heave negotiations, engagement with European Union, deal closure and integration.

During all these steps, the people involved in M&A need to face the restricted legal, tax and financial requirements, a fear of job losses, restructuring needs, managing sometimes drastic differences in the company cultures and identity structures, and finally go through the challenges of the Integration.

Companies often underestimate the financial considerations and neglect communication and change management needs, and focus more on a process rather than on the people.

This presentation based on Tech Data recent merger and acquisition experiences will offer you a dive into a successful M&A project management. Let us drive you though the steps for a successful M&A project.

This conference is co-organised with the PMI Switzerland Chapter.

Novotel Genève Centre, rue de Zurich 19, Genève
13 Jan. 2011
Novotel Genève Centre, rue de Zurich 19, Genève
18h30 / 20h00