Soirée Formation

Scrum, Lean Leadership and Team Performance WORKSHOP

As a leader in your organization, you know that motivated, capable people are the key to competitiveness. But despite your best efforts to help and motivate your staff, you believe they could be doing more and should be doing more, if only they would apply themselves more.

Why is it so hard to motivate people? Why does your staff react with lukewarm enthusiasm to new initiatives? How can you unleash the potential of your staff?

Scrum and Lean Thinking apply leadership models which encourage empowerment, responsibility and focus. In this interactive workshop, you will explore:

  • The relationship between empowerment, motivation and success
  • Leadership forms which encourage motivation
  • How Lean Principles and the Scrum process help you create the preconditions for energized, motivated staff.
Hôtel Alpha-Palmiers, rue du Petit-Chêne 34, Lausanne
11 Jan. 2012
Hôtel Alpha-Palmiers, rue du Petit-Chêne 34, Lausanne
18h30 / 20h00